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Event Logistics & Transport Management: How It Will Benefit Your Business

John Bryson · April 15, 2020
Transportation management is an essential part of any business’s event undertaking. Even more so, that it is considered a specialized area of expertise. There are several things that go into managing…


5 Things To Consider When Hiring An Event Transportation Management Company

John Bryson · April 12, 2020
If you’re an event manager, especially for large-scale conferences or concerts, you may be well aware of the importance of event transportation. Having an efficient transportation system is critical…


What You Should Know About VIP Transportation Service

John Bryson · April 2, 2020
VIP transport service may seem like a lucrative business that’s defined by luxury cars, celebrities, and prominent personalities. But there’s more to VIP transportation than impeccable fleet and chauffeurs.…


How MOTUS | ONE Created Transport Solutions For The Best Brands In The Business

John Bryson · March 25, 2020
From its humble beginning back in 2017, up to today, MOTUS | ONE has become a global name. When it comes to delivering world-class professional events, corporate and VIP transportation logistics, and consulting…


Benefits of Having a Corporate Transport To Your Business

John Bryson · March 23, 2020
For many companies finding the most cost-efficient, and economic solution to run a business is a priority. It is also critical to avoid compromising other important aspects of running it such as a company…


What Makes An Exceptional Event Transportation Management

John Bryson · March 17, 2020
Any manager would tell you that one secret to a successful event relies on its logistics and transportation. Movement of resources, both manpower, and equipment is vital, as in any concert, sporting events,…

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What 5G Technology Means To The Transportation Industry

John Bryson · March 10, 2020
Technology moves us. It makes our lives easier, convenient, and efficient. We harness its power to improve almost every aspect of our lives from communication and medicine to infrastructure and transportation.…

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Benefits Of A Shuttle Service

John Bryson · March 4, 2020
When you’re responsible for your own transportation, it is easier to get to your destination. There are several modes of transportation you can choose from. You can hail a cab, use public buses, the…


The Story Behind The Brains Of MOTUS | ONE

John Bryson · February 26, 2020
You will never understand a city without experiencing its public transportation. The same can be said about events. Without efficient event transportation in place, navigating an event can be tough, and…


How Does MOTUS | ONE Do What They Do

John Bryson · February 20, 2020
There is more to event management than meets the eye. Making an event successful involves both science and art. The whole process of organizing an event from planning and marketing to the operations and…
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