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You will never understand a city without experiencing its public transportation. The same can be said about events. Without efficient event transportation in place, navigating an event can be tough and complicated. In such cases, it’s crucial for event organizers and managers to ensure both event logistics and transportation are taken care of.

Transportation planning and optimization is a vital aspect of any event and an essential tool to bolster success. As a whole, efficient event transportation reduces the risk of compromising the guest experience, while inefficient event transportation increases its likelihood. This is why transportation and logistics are the cornerstones of a growing economy and an integral part of every event.

An Emerging Market

Current Chairman Fahad Al Seyabi and CEO Dana Buchawiecki of MOTUS | ONE saw the event transportation and logistics market as promising. Years prior to the conception of MOTUS | ONE, Al Seyabi and Buchawiecki were already working with top-tier events such as the UAE’s very first FIFA World Cup in 2009 and the inaugural Formula 1™ Grand Prix at Yas Marina Circuit, Abu Dhabi. Consequently, from 2010-2015, the two have teamed up to develop and implement the comprehensive transport program of Yas Marina Circuit. 

When it came to establishing MOTUS | ONE, Al Seyabi and Buchawiecki already had years of experience in event transportation and management between them. Their notable events include NBA, Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Office (CPC), Dubai Crown Prince Office (CPC), Blink Experiences, Live Nation, Fox Sports, Falcon & Associates, IMG Golf, Saudi General Sports Authority, Saudi General Entertainment Authority, WWE via MUV, inc, and Silvey Sports.

Al Seyabi and Buchawiecki’s combined expertise includes technology integration, operations, logistics, pre-planning and coordination, command and control, fleet management and communications, incident command system, and traffic and parking management. Equipped with years of experience, MOTUS | ONE was founded under the commitment to offer a premium service that’s driven by operational knowledge and accompanied by competitive market rates.

Driven By Innovation 

Being an asset-light company, MOTUS | ONE trains and manages on-ground personnel. Al Seyabi and Buchawiecki have divided the company into 4 fundamental structures that include Events, Corporate, VIP, and Mobile as a Software( Maas ) technology. These structures take care of the operations at MOTUS | ONE.

To deliver a unique guest experience, Al Seyabi and Buchawiecki commissioned the development of an automated in-house vehicle booking platform that can be integrated seamlessly into an event’s existing software. Once the software is synthesized, it will be able to predict passenger behavior while matching vehicle/driver to guests based on feedback data. 

It helps in their aim to digitize and streamline the processes of delivering large, multi-system transport solutions using machine-learning systems. This is more relevant than ever in a world where convenience is everything and traditional transportation solutions are no longer engaging and effective.

Today, Al Seyabi and Buchawiecki continue to fortify the company’s presence in the international market by being part of several global events including the Dakar Rally and WWE events in the KSA. Their existing team of contractors and employees are all part of the success behind the events that MOTUS | ONE has proudly been a part of.

John Bryson · February 26, 2020

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