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Cost effective consulting transportation solutions

MOTUS | ONE will change the way you approach your projects concept, design, build, delivery, execution, andoperational phases to ensure every aspect of your transportation requirements are captured
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Executive summary

We have provided specialist consulting services to cities, regional authorities, bidding and organizing committees, and venues that have enabled us to achieve success at critical milestones within project timelines. Prior technical and commissioning experience can be invaluable to those responsible for delivering the world’s highest profile venues, facilities, and events. Our expertise enables agencies to receive concentrated support from an operational standpoint and backed by engineering, to ensure functionality and efficiency exists at the earliest stages

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  • Traffic Impact Study
  • Venue Ingress & Venue Egress
  • Vehicle Routing
  • Traffic Signal Sequencing
  • Way-Finding and Signage Layout and Configuration
  • Car Park Management; Car Park Monetization
  • Parking Sequencing; Parking Models; Parking Allocation
  • CONOP; OPLAN; Policy and Procedure; SOP development
  • Expert staff from Olympic / Paralympic Games
  • Regional Venues; Municipality Agencies
  • Fleet Planning and Delivery
  • Alternative Fuel Vehicles
  • Autonomous Driving Solutions

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