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Connected tech that simplifies fleet management

Use our expertise to plan, implement, and operate a truly connected technology stack. Our systems bring new efficiencies to how you operate, monitor, and manage your precious fleet assets.
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Our team can unite your transport and logistics plans into one centralized platform. We use handhelds, OBD 2 devices, and web-based management dashboards that deliver powerful and immediate benefits – automated schedules and route assignation; service planning and implementation; vehicle tracking and monitoring, and much more.
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Our web-based technology enables:
  • Comprehensive fleet management
  • Live staff updates
  • Driver analytics
  • Staffing and personnel management
  • Geo-fencing for vehicles and staff
  • Automated passenger count and identification
  • Map view and navigation
  • Next-vehicle arrival times
  • Fuel-consumption metrics
  • Route optimization
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Keep track of your staff and passengers with real-time data using scanned ID cards. It’s a complete and accurate system that monitors driver and passenger IDs, numbers, and routes, so you can manage your people and assets with radical new ease and effectiveness.
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By implementing systems that track and record the movement, direction, and status of vehicles, you can focus on what matters – project delivery. We can also tie your monitoring systems into web-based management dashboards and handhelds. That enables your entire team – on the ground and back-office – to collaborate and liaise with optimum efficiency.

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