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Event transportation as it should be done

We specialize in event transport and management. No project is too large or small, and we partner closely to configure services that satisfy your exact requirements and minimize spend.

Our local expertise and strong use of technology keep operations efficient while maximizing your returns. Alongside this, our customer-first mentality keeps passengers safe, comfortable and reassured.

Simplify your event transport management challenges

We offer end-to-end transport management and support for events. You can deploy our services in any model that fulfills your needs – from the sole and executive provider of services to bespoke, individual service delivery.

Our goal is always to realize business benefits for you. So, our solutions always focus on cost reduction, maximizing revenue, and helping ops teams run at maximum efficiency.

We go the extra mile to enhance the customer experience. We put a strong emphasis on staff training and team-building that unites and motivates staff. It’s our way to ensure a customer-first mindset that exceeds passenger expectations.

motus one rde transport application

Technology that gets results

We combine our proprietary technology with strategic industry partnerships to equip teams and vehicles with systems that deliver measurable results.

Track your vehicles in real-time, and take control with ingress and regress metrics, guest-monitoring and staff KPI reporting. Our systems enable you to optimize every aspect of event transport and can scale for events of global size or local significance.

We equip drivers, passengers, and ops teams with the tools they need to communicate and respond to rapidly changing circumstances. These tools deliver unprecedented new efficiencies in booking, route-planning, fleet management and ground operations.

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