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Our promise, delivered to every guest, every time

For producers of world-famous events who must deliver for every guest every time, MOTUS | ONE is the transport management team that designs and delivers transport solutions that ensure the complex is made simple and your promises are kept. They have the experience, creativity, and technology to get the job done right.

For businesses who need their people in the right place at the right time, MOTUS | ONE provides transport services with a commitment to service and rigor that only comes from mastering the demanding world of events.

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The best in leadership and technology

Our leaders and managers work at every level – from C-suite meeting rooms to on-the-ground ops – to plan and deliver transformative change.

Behind the scenes, we implement technology that simplifies all types of projects – from niche one-off events to the entire transport infrastructure.

We integrate in-vehicle and back-office systems to give our clients unprecedented monitoring and response capabilities. This applies to passengers too, enabling you to satisfy their needs through better communication, tracking, and planning.

One provider means less hassle for you

You can save significant time and effort by hiring us as the sole provider. By reducing your supplier footprint, you also reduce your admin burden. This in turn frees up your people and resources so that they can be deployed where they’re needed most.

You’ll have a single point of contact who will be available at all times and will be fully accountable. They’ll ensure that each project milestone is met on time and to budget, and they’ll work diligently and honestly to build a stable and mutually beneficial relationship.

All you need in one place

We work end-to-end with our clients – from feasibility studies and conceptualizing through to final commissioning and day-to-day operations. Pick what you need from our suite of services: event transport solution; vehicles and FF&E; staff training and provision; logistics; VIP care; fleet procurement and management; technology and reporting systems; project bidding; brand optimization and more.

Our objectives

  • To work with our clients with integrity, in a spirit of genuine partnership
  • To deliver the highest operational standards of efficiency, safety, and reliability
  • To be the most sought-after transportation partner thanks to our capabilities and ethics

Our vision

To be the industry trailblazer who delivers exceptional outcomes for the most demanding clients and challenging projects.

Our mission

Our missions are to push aside the old so that every single guest gets an experience right for them.

Care to join us?

We’re always looking for talented people who have a strong industry track record. But credentials alone won’t be enough. We need true team-players – people whose ethics and diligence will make a profound difference to our team and our clients’ organizations."

We’re looking for people experienced in: Transport consulting, Transport logistics and Valet services.


Welcome to the world of MOTUS | ONE

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