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Any manager would tell you that one secret to a successful event relies on its logistics and transportation. Movement of resources, both manpower and equipment is vital, as in any concert, sporting events, or conferences. It’s crucial to keep at the forefront of every event that an event transportation – moving people to and from – is critical to the overall success.

With too many hats to wear and several other priorities on their checklists, event managers often overlook transportation.This is where event transport consultants come in, to provide the efficiency needed to execute this vital aspect. 

But what makes an exceptional event transportation management? Our experts at MOTUS | ONE lets us in on a few points to consider. 

Customer-Centric Solutions

Transport consultants consider an event’s current position, its objectives or what it tries to achieve. Understanding this will enable for a tailored event transport structure that’s specific to an organization’s needs. For instance if an event’s focus is on sustainability, route optimization on mass shuttle systems can be employed to reduce travel time and minimize fuel consumption, ultimately contributing to a sustainable event with less carbon footprint. 

Technology Driven

Staying ahead of the curve is important and technology is a way to ensure that your event is not left behind. Exceptional event transport management is done with utilizing the latest technology. This improves communication, efficiency and fleet management. Automation is one technology that most event transport consultants use. If it’s heavily reliant on airport arrivals/departures systems, technology that streamlines bookings and fleet allocations is deployed, basically, fleet allocations and dispatch becomes fully automated, and highly customizable-meaning, it can be integrated into the existing system of an event company. 

Enhanced Guest Experience

Events all boil down to one thing- and that’s audience/ guest experience. In relation to technology, event transport softwares include guest feedback that can be analyzed to further improve their experience. This allows managers to match guests with their preferences while gaining real-time feedback on service levels and fleet efficiency. Another way of elevating the guest experience is to have customer service focused drivers that are friendly, presentable and accommodating. Transport consultants provide training and client specific protocols to ensure that drivers uphold friendly-service at all times.

Preparedness and Troubleshooting Efficiency

Event transport consultants ensure that they already have solutions prepared before any problem arises through detailed risk analysis and mitigation programs. These solutions can be data driven or could be formulated from an event’s past experience or via collective group planning cycles. Fleet and staff contingency programs are also built in to provide the necessary mitigation in case of a vehicle breakdown, or a sudden communication error or a glitch in dispatching. 


Without a doubt, working with a reliable event transportation consultant drives the success of any event. Customer-centric solutions,technology driven processes, elevated guest experience, efficiency, and preparedness are qualities that make an event transport management exceptional. 

There are several transport companies out there claiming to be the best at what they do. So it is only important for you as a manager to be able to separate the wheat from the chaff. If you want to learn about the qualities to look for in choosing an event transport consultant, you can check our blog here

John Bryson · March 17, 2020

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