Exceptional Event Transportation Management Services

MOTUS | ONE provides transport event management services throughout the Mena Region. We are experts in maximizing returns for our clients while at the same time producing a streamlined, safe and efficient experience. We combine local expertise and technology to deliver the highest level of service and satisfaction to our clients and their customers.

Event Transportation Management

MOTUS | ONE’s management team will provide custom solutions to maximize revenue while reducing spending to enhance cost-effectiveness and profitability. We are not just a Company offering workforce to operate vehicles, but rather a professional management Company who are focused on providing the most efficient and effective operations and technology solutions for increasing the overall guest experience of every customer. We are unrelenting when it comes to providing a high end service staffed by professional, courteous, service-oriented operators. Our customer amenity programs reflect our appreciation that guest satisfaction plays a vital role in increasing brand awareness.

Our management expertise includes:

  • Operational assessments and analyses
  • Fleet Planning
  • Airport Arrivals / Departures Services
  • Driver Management
  • Route Analysis
  • Dispatch Control
  • Technology Integration & Support
  • On-The-Ground Operational Support
Car Transport

Technology Integration

MOTUS | ONE holds proprietary technology that enable us to manage back office and on the ground operations for global events, fairs, venues, facilities, golf tournaments, corporations, and conventions.

With our expertise and these solutions, we are able to:

  • Have full oversight of staff, guests, and high-level VIPs attending your event.
  • Driver APP with booking and turn-by-turn directions.
  • Track real time fleet assets for ingress & egress metrics.
  • Pre-book individual drivers on-demand.
  • Track, control and monitor all movement of people within their customizable site footprints.
  • Track vehicle routes and cross-check KPI’s of personnel.
  • Control access to booking platform to validate passenger profiles.
  • Track the end-to-end lifecycle of entire event transport program.
  • Comprehensively plan, manage and monitor the entirety of transportation programs, regardless of complexity or fleet size.
Technology Integration

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