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If you’re an event manager, especially for large-scale conferences or concerts, you may be well aware of the importance of event transportation. Having an efficient transportation system is critical to maintaining the smooth running of your event as it is the first, and last experience your guests will remember. Outsourcing your transportation management lets you focus on other tasks and aspects of your event- making you more productive. 

Choosing an event transportation company is not an easy process. There are different factors to be considered such as the nature of your event as well as your needs. Our consultants at MOTUS | ONE list down five things you should take into account when hiring a transport company for your event.

Company Experience

When looking for event transport consultants to work with, it pays to have knowledge of their experiences in delivering successful event transport solutions to complex events. Often, transport companies make their case studies available for potential clients to have an idea of what kind of services they offer. Companies that have a lot of experience and have been in the industry for a long time, are more likely to be credible and trustworthy. However, years of experience should not just be the basis of credibility. Several companies today are getting ahead of the curve due to their innovation and efficiency in service. 

What Services Do They Offer?

Several companies have comprehensive packages that can fulfill your transport needs from logistics, fleet management, VIP transfers, and etc. It is crucial to inquire about the services the company offers. Your needs should be the basis of your choice. Work with transport consultants that can address your event needs. Find out which area of service they specialize in and their network connections within the local and state governments. Ideally, go for a company that has acquired expertise in different event transportation services.

Technological Capabilities

We currently live in a highly digitalized age. No wonder that for the coming years, technology will have a significant impact on how transportation is managed- more so, than that of today. A good event transportation company is innovative and utilizes modern-day technology to aid and create an efficient service. There are several different types of transportation technology. Automated dispatch and fleet management software, and manifest and scheduling platforms are commonly used-not to mention the revolutionary 5G technology.

Personalization And Data-Driven Solutions

An ideal event transportation company takes advantage of data to develop specific and customer-centric solutions. Hire a company that can customize its services to fit your needs and address your challenges. Every event is different and there are particular requirements that need to be fulfilled. For instance, you need shuttle service to cater to your crew, complex arrivals and departures programs, public park & ride systems, or multi VIP systems – all of which use data-driven technologies for both live operation and post-event reporting to more accurately plan for the next event.


Finally, you would want to know how a transport company plans to provide a solution to any potential problem that can affect your event. Ask them how they would address a vehicle breakdown, missed transfers, or pop-up passengers. Similarly, inquire about their best practices. Usually, if companies provide their case studies, you will be able to learn how they are prepared to troubleshoot and provide support in case of transport emergencies during your event. 

Make sure to have a thorough understanding of your event’s goals. Only then can you evaluate an event transportation company’s capacity to deliver the level of service you expect them to have. For more information, you can always contact our experts at MOTUS | ONE.

John Bryson · April 12, 2020

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