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Various Business models require the need to manage either a small or a large fleet for their operations, and managers are often at their wits’ end, trying to juggle several tasks by wearing too many hats. Fleet management then becomes overlooked-often being the last thing that business owners consider when making critical decisions. After all, it’s just transportation. 

And yet transportation is a critical economic activity for any company and therefore should be considered just as important as any business function. This is especially true for companies that also manage events and their transportation in-house. 

Fleet management service providers come in to provide an easier solution for effective and technology-driven management of your business transportation. There are several takeaways when companies outsource their transportation management, especially in handling a fleet. 

Let us discover more about how fleet management service providers can help your business improve its transportation function. 

How Important is Fleet Management?

Essentially, having a proper fleet management system in place is crucial for businesses that require consistent, custom-tailored services that both streamline operations via technology and, reduce costs across the board

Fleet management also involves ensuring that the company’s transportation system complies with the legislation within its jurisdiction. Besides, fleet management service helps address the three common challenges when handling a fleet: vehicle procurement, driver behavior analytics and service maintenance requirements.

Vehicle Procurement

The acquisition of company vehicles may sound like an easy task, but it involves careful evaluation and critical decision-making as it would eventually establish the future of the fleet. Beyond examining the physical assets of cars, such as the quality of its tires, fuel consumption, and seating capacity, fleet managers recognize the company’s needs. 

It is crucial to consider what a company requires for its fleet since this ensures that the business has sufficient transportation resources that will enable it to conduct its operations effectively. Similarly, depending on the nature of the event the company is planning to organize, the vehicle’s acquisition will impact the level of service it can deliver to its guests. 

Controlling Fuel Consumption

Fleet management service providers have the expertise and the ability to optimize a company’s fuel consumption. This measure ultimately contributes to cost reduction and curtails excessive energy usage. When outsourcing your fleet management, you’ll gain access to technology that’s also useful in tracking and monitoring fuel expenditure. Fleet managers make use of tools to analyze fuel costs and find ways to structure an effective fuel management solution. 

Further, by outsourcing the management of your fleet, you’ll benefit from their expert advice, such as in identifying the type of vehicles to use to ensure fuel efficiency. You receive a recommendation to downsize your vehicle models or upgrade to more fuel-efficient ones. 

Ensuring Vehicle Maintenance

Fleet management service providers are experts in delivering the maximum value of service while effectively reducing the usually high costs of maintaining a fleet. Fleet managers ensure that all vehicles are running efficiently in the best condition possible. Regular maintenance guarantees the longevity of your fleet and eliminates any risk in performance. 

Proper vehicle maintenance enables managers to operate without worrying about any breakdowns or problems that can cost time and money effectively. Working with a fleet management service provider will allow managers to focus more on other business activities that can contribute to their success. 

Technology-Driven Fleet Procurement With MOTUS | ONE

Our services include providing the best and competitive hardware and software packages, which means each of your vehicles are equipped with technology such as onboard cameras and systems that track inspections, GPS technology for smart route planning and vehicle tracking, and passenger counting and efficient communication systems. With our support, we will ensure your business secures a fleet to deliver your customer service objectives the best way possible. 

John Bryson · May 23, 2020

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