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Without an established dispatch structure, anyone who manages a fleet will experience the daunting task of manually locating and tracking vehicles, arranging driver schedules, and planning routes. This is especially true if one is also managing event operations.

Automation has been around for a long time, and with the emergence of newer innovations, several systems are now available and readily accessible to provide efficient event transportation– one of which is automated dispatch.

The technology has matured to a degree where its implementation can drive a seamless transport service. It provides cost-effective management of vehicle information that can improve the productivity of your fleet and enhance your guest experience.

Fortunately, there are transport consultants that provide custom-built, state-of-the-art dispatch software, enabling successful fleet management for any event.

With automated dispatch, managing event transportation will be streamlined. This paves the way for more productive and effective management of event operations as well.

How Does Automated Dispatch Works?

Automated dispatch harnesses technology, in the form of a dispatch software that helps in streamlining vehicle routing, scheduling, coordination, and driver communication. It cuts the time spent in manually handling these tasks and avoids potentially costly human errors.

Once integrated with an existing event management software, any undertaking of an event will be much easier, cost-effective, and efficient. It allows for better supervision of any fleet ranging from small-scale events, trade shows, to large concerts and sporting events.

Now, let us explore more reasons why automated dispatch is such an essential component for managing event transportation.

Seamless vehicle communication

Automated dispatch is more than just what its name suggests. It also provides smoother, more stable communication between your fleet. It enables instant access to schedule information and real-time vehicle location.

Apart from these, automated dispatch offers security and allows ample time for recovery or emergency dispatch. This makes it possible to structure an emergency communications system that provides vital information during cases of a breakdown, or if the vehicle will be arriving late.

Better Vehicle Control

There are plenty of ways that could go wrong when managing a large fleet, especially when providing services along the road. Automated dispatch ensures smooth event transportation. Having better control over your fleet mitigates the damage of an error to the maximum.

The implementation of automated dispatch enables more control over the fleet in ways manual human labor cannot achieve. It should be noted however that going through your whole event operating procedure is important to fully integrate an automated system that is best suited and in sync with your current event operation.

Flexibility & Scaling

As your company grows bigger, so are your events. And the larger the event, the more complex your dispatch management process could become. This makes you at risk of mishaps that could be prevented if a system is in place.

Automated dispatch offers flexibility that can scale in parallel to your company’s development. This will facilitate a more comfortable and efficient event transportation management.

Likewise, it can flexibly adapt to either you or your clients’ unique event needs- whether it is VIP transfers, airport shuttle service, or event logistics.


Automated dispatch gives you the ability to safeguard your fleet and your company from expenses and lost revenue because of poor, unreliable, and outdated event transportation management.

It enables you to have seamless communication within your fleet, gives you more control over it, and helps your company become flexible and scale to provide better, more efficient transport services. Talk to us today to learn more about how to make your event successful.

John Bryson · November 30, 2019

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