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From its humble beginning back in 2017, up to today, MOTUS | ONE has become a global name. When it comes to delivering world-class professional events, corporate and VIP transportation logistics, and consulting services, we have been part of the success of many big brands spanning the globe.

Thanks to over 50 years of combined experience, our founders Dana Buchawiecki and Fahad Al Seyabi have taken advantage of the demand in transport solutions, especially for event management. Employing our best practices, we have been lauded by our clients and have contributed to their multiple successes. 

In this special blog, let us discover our best practices that help us develop effective transport solutions for the best brands in the business.

Creating Value Through Guest Experience

Guest Experience is one way to measure a successful event. We ensure that our clients’ audiences receive the best experience. We employ our strategies to make transportation easier, more convenient for our clients. This is done by streamlining our processes from driver training to checking manifests, real-time vehicle tracking, automated booking and dispatch, and efficient communication. 

Another way is by analyzing guest feedback data and creating solutions to address their concerns. Listening to what your audience has to say and delivering on it is key to enhancing their experience, consequently driving your event to success.

Technology-Driven, Inspired By Our Clients’ Specific Needs

We take an approach that’s specific to our client's objectives and goals. We align with their values, understand their current position, where they are coming from, and what they are trying to achieve. With the information we receive from the getgo, we formulate technology-driven solutions. 

MOTUS ONE has developed an in-house vehicle booking platform and driver application that links our drivers and clients’ customer applications for use on corporate and large-scale events. We have an integrated neural network and connectionist systems that predict passenger behavior while matching vehicle/driver to guests/ audience based on feedback data sets to help automate processes when delivering large, multi-system transport solutions.

Develop Healthy And Collaborative Clientele Relationship

This is part of the reason why our clients trust us with our work. We foster a collaborative relationship with them built on proper communication and transparency. We let them be part of the process and ensure that everything aligns with their brief. We make sure that our clients are heard and we act on their needs. We also educate them on the best practices they can utilize to improve their transportation. This is where we become more than service providers but consultants as well. 

Passion For Improvement

Taken from our name- Motus which is Latin for movement, momentum, or progress, we continue to always look for more innovative ways to improve our services. This is what we believe in MOTUS | ONE. Learning is a constant process. And in order for us to be on top of our competition, we should be able to think one step ahead and lead the curve. 


We create transport solutions by exercising these practices. And these are the reasons why big brands work with us. We always think of what we can do for our clients and place their interests on top of our priorities. At MOTUS | ONE we do not just deliver experiences but exceed expectations as well. 

John Bryson · March 25, 2020

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