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Every day, technology is continuously changing the landscape of transportation technology. This continuing evolution is driven by the need to become agile in volatile market conditions and how Covid-19 has disrupted several markets.

The transportation industry is also compelled to change to meet customers’ increasing expectations and adapt to environmental conditions. Several transportation companies are taking advantage of technology to create real-time visibility on transport services that will also allow them to gather real-time, measurable, and actionable data.

What is Transportation Visibility?

Transportation visibility enables events managers to monitor and be on top of their events’ logistics and transportation. This innovation allows managers to effectively predict ETAs and mitigate any transport problems even before it happens through real-time vehicle tracking and route planning. Visibility streamlines the transportation process and makes it transparent. Event transportation companies utilize transportation visibility to become more effective in delivering their services, such as improving logistic efficiency and enhancing customer experience. 

What Are The Advantages Of Real-Time Transportation Visibility?

One of the significant advantages of having access to real-time visibility is reduced waiting time. This technology also enables passengers to make informed decisions with their transportation since real-time tracking is provided, and guests are alerted for any delays. Integrating real-time data within the systems of transportation services will tremendously improve the guest experience and convenience. 

In the part of transport service providers, real-time transportation visibility allows them to effectively monitor their resources and keep track of their drivers’ efficiency. This enables them to address any areas for improvement and think of ways to elevate their service. 

Improved Planning And Eliminate Time-Consuming Manual Labor

Route planning is a crucial component for transport service providers. In the past, planning routes relied on assuming traffic conditions. However, this method can be inaccurate and unreliable over time, as traffic conditions continuously change. 

The technology behind real-time transportation visibility will enable transport service providers and consultants to identify real-time traffic conditions and correctly predict ETAs and publish accurate vehicle location and information to your guests. Also, real-time visibility eliminates the manual labour of creating timetables since everything is digital and adjusted automatically whenever applicable. 

Enhance Your Company Credibility And Market Position

Having access to such technology enables companies to improve their credibility. Transport service providers allow companies to access this technology, helping them succeed in whatever goals they have in their events. 

Ultimately, this all boils down to the event experience, something that transportation plays a crucial role in. When you have satisfied customers, you create a strong value proposition for your brand- and a strong value proposition equates to a good market position.

Gain access to this state-of-the-art technology and make your events or transportation needs accurate, technology-driven, impactful, and cost-efficient. Gain a competitive advantage in the market. Talk to us at MOTUS | ONE to know more about the technology behind real-time visibility on transport services and how it will help you track your success trajectory. 

John Bryson · July 2, 2020

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