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There is more to event management than meets the eye. Making an event successful involves both science and art. The whole process of organizing an event from planning and marketing to the operations and execution is measured and analyzed, and a huge part of this process is event transportation.

Early transportation planning is indispensable for any event to be a success. Whether it is a small convention, a sporting event, a conference, or a large-scale concert, transportation is integral to an event’s success. 

MOTUS | ONE's contribution to event transportation started in 2017, with both owners operating since 2001. Fast forward to the present and we are constantly committed to delivering knowledge and data-driven consulting solutions to all aspects of event transportation, spanning from transport consulting, vehicle sourcing, technology integration, event logistics, and event planning. 

Providing quality professional transportation consulting, event management, ground transportation, and logistical services to firms, event providers, venue owners, and managers in a wide array of markets, at MOTUS | ONE we have been slowly but steadily building our name in the industry.

Quality Above All

Motus One promises quality services with the aim to produce consistent results. The team at MOTUS | ONE is highly qualified and consists of dedicated professionals. With a commitment to high standards, we work with new and improved technology. Partnering with multiple providers, we aim to focus on delivering the highest quality of service with efficiency. 

Customer-Centric Approach

In order to produce customized solutions according to a client’s needs, our approach to problem-solving is customer-focused. Each solution is knowledge-driven and backed by real-time data gathered using the latest technology.

Sustainable Management

Developing a complex event transportation system while being environmentally conscious is a challenge. There are several aspects to be taken into consideration, including fuel and energy consumption. By optimizing travel time and reducing carbon footprint, we aim to make event transportation sustainable.

Generating Value

The team at MOTUS | ONE has 50 years of accumulated experience in delivering world-class event transportation solutions. Success at the organization is measured with the value created for clients. More than just providing world-class event transportation solutions, one of our main objectives is helping events resonate with the audience. 

Innovation and Technology

Taking advantage of automated technology, MOTUS | ONE uses a vehicle booking platform that can be integrated with existing driver and customer applications used by events. Through this, it is possible to predict passenger behavior and at the same time match vehicles or drivers to specific individuals/audiences. This is also achieved by analyzing feedback data taken from the audience/guests using automated software.

Dedication To Service

As we continue to look into the future, dedication to service will always be our team’s ultimate driving force. Just like how Motus means movement in Latin, the organization and team are constantly aiming to deliver quality, customer-centric service, sustainable management, and value generation for events all over the world with the help of technology.

John Bryson · February 20, 2020

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