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When you’re responsible for your own transportation, it is easier to get to your destination. There are several modes of transportation you can choose from. You can hail a cab, use public buses, the metro, or even book an Uber. The same cannot be said when you travel with, or work in large groups though. The process can get complicated, and the higher the number of people you’re dealing with, the more complicated the logistical planning. This can get overwhelming. Similarly, event managers who take care of event transportation and scout for shuttle bus services for large groups of people face the same issues. By working with an event transportation planning consultant, event managers and organizers alike can eliminate the risk factors that come with arranging transportation for large groups of people. In such cases, shuttle services prove beneficial. Let’s take a look at some of its benefits. 

Improved Coordination and Organization

When your event staff transportation is managed by qualified transportation consultants, you won’t need to trouble yourself with organizing or scheduling large group or workforce transportation. Shuttle services ensure smoother, convenient, and efficient event operations. With set route times, pick up locations, and fleet allocations, you can avoid dealing with issues such as delayed arrival of guests or staff, parking problems, and looking for directions.

Cost Efficiency and Sustainability

By arranging group transportation through a shuttle service, you can save time and money. Rather than hiring multi-modal fleet units, activating shuttle buses to take care of staff transportation is economical and budget-friendly. The money you’ll be saving with multiple fleet rates and overtime alone will be huge. In addition, shuttle buses are sustainable. A single shuttle bus will have a reduced carbon offset compared to a multi-modal fleet. A fully occupied car usually consumes up to 5 times more fuel than a single fully occupied bus. Since a shuttle bus can carry more people, less fuel is consumed. 


The road is filled with reckless drivers. However, when it comes to transport safety, shuttle buses are amongst the safest. Firstly, it’s not easy to obtain a license to drive a shuttle bus. Drivers need to pass a strict safety test to get their license. In addition, event transport companies are known to only hire professional drivers that are trustworthy and prioritize safety.

Ease of Transport Access

Getting from point A to point B on time and making sure everyone arrives together is perhaps the best thing about hiring shuttle buses. Since transportation is already fixed and a schedule is in place, your event staff and attendees/guests won’t have to worry about transportation availability at any given time. 

A Positive Transportation Experience

A professional shuttle bus service provided by event transportation consultants can enable your staff or event attendees to have a comfortable, safe, and positive experience. Shuttle buses also come with different amenities such as more leg space, a lavatory, extended storage, reclining seats, and more. 


Not only can arranging staff/attendee transportation be a headache, but it can also cause problems if route planning for different times of the day is not taken care of. However, placing your trust in the hands of professionals will ensure your event runs smoothly and is a success.

John Bryson · March 4, 2020

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