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Automated Dispatch Control: A Key Component For A Successful Event

John Bryson · November 30, 2019
Without an established dispatch structure, anyone who manages a fleet will experience the daunting task of manually locating and tracking vehicles, arranging driver schedules, and planning routes. This…


Factoring In The Importance of Fleet Management For Your Event

John Bryson · November 22, 2019
We often see event managers getting overwhelmed by the work and effort that goes into managing the logistics and the vehicles that are used for an event. There are challenges that arise when managing a…

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The Economic and Social Impacts of Smart Transportation Technology

John Bryson · November 15, 2019
In a smart city like Dubai, it will be no wonder if futuristic technologies such as drones for delivery, hovering taxis, and hyperloop trains become a part of the city’s current transportation system.…


How To Effectively Plan Event Transportation Services

John Bryson · November 7, 2019
There are plenty of components to effective event planning that ultimately results in a successful event. These include; venue scouting, client and talent coordination, event marketing, advertising, and…
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