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We often see event managers getting overwhelmed by the work and effort that goes into managing the logistics and the vehicles that are used for an event. There are challenges that arise when managing a fleet manually, not to mention regulating fuel costs and ensuing efficient driver communication. 

With the advent of technology, several transportation management consultants provide access to better mobility- which is an integral part of any successful event. This includes fleet management.

The truth is, event transportation management that comes in the form of fleet management is such a critical part of any business and will continue to influence the same as transportation technology continues to evolve. In this blog, we will talk about what fleet management is and factor in on its importance in managing event transportation.

What is Fleet Management?

As a practice, fleet management is the efficient handling of commercial motor vehicles that include service cars, utility trucks, and vans. With optimal management, it provides efficient transport utilization, fuel cost regulation, and vehicle maintenance. 

Additionally, it also involves guiding drivers to ensure fleet safety and road compliance. In most cases, fleet management can include management of equipment such as bulldozers, cranes, tractors, and trailers, as in the case of the construction industry.

Fleet Management enables event managers to efficiently make use of their time

In turn, event managers to multitask and shift their focus on other parts of the event. This increases productivity as well as helps managers to solve problems that are otherwise hard to spot, and ultimately drive cost reductions. 

Apart from these, it is widely sought after for event management. From small-scale conventions, local trade exhibitions, political & high- security occasions to sporting events, regardless of how big an event is, fleet management enables event organizers to provide a memorable and impactful experience for any guests or audience.

Fleet Management mitigates logistics and event transport challenges

There are many challenges that event managers encounter with regard to event transportation such as transport and parking planning, route mapping, road compliance, and vehicle maintenance. Fleet managers leverage the technology they have in providing transport solutions that mitigate such challenges. 

Moreover, effective fleet management promotes better and favorable customer interactions, eliminating negative impacts on the event through assessment of potential transport risks and minimizing interference to event transport operations.

Fleet Management provides access to the latest transport technologies

Today, transport management consultants who provide fleet management renders access to innovate traffic software like geo-fencing. automatic dispatch, smart parking, GPS, 24/7 live vehicle tracking, vehicle telematics, and report & analytics software.

Fleet management offers event managers flexibility and accessibility, keeping them up-to-date, and putting them on top of all transport operations concerning the event. 

Outsourcing your Fleet Management is an investment

Event companies should always look forward to the long-term. And outsourcing fleet management offers more than just cost-efficiency, but an investment as well. Ultimately, it reduces event overheads and lets event managers prioritize core-activities in managing their events. 

To maximize the outsourcing of fleet management services, roles should be defined clearly and deliverables laid out. Transport consultants especially in a busy city such as Dubai where events happen at every corner, contribute to the successful and efficient management of an event’s transport fleet.

Know more about how fleet management can help your organization’s events. Talk to us at Motus One today!

John Bryson · November 22, 2019

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