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There are plenty of components to effective event planning that ultimately result in a successful event. These include; venue scouting, client and talent coordination, event marketing, advertising, and transportation planning. Often overlooked by some project managers, event transportation services are indispensable to any event undertaking. 

It is essential to plan, manage, and execute an efficient transportation service for any event. This is especially true for larger events held in a busy city such as Dubai. You may face problems of parking, public transportation, venue ingress, and egress- which may leave an unsatisfactory impression for your attendees.

Event transport consultants provide access to cost-efficient venue transportation solutions for the above challenges. This, in turn, will help event attendees arrive on time- and, above all, arrive satisfied and happy. With that said, let’s examine the process involved in setting up event transportation services.

Gather Necessary Information

It is essential to have a list of all the variables that may contribute to your event’s traffic flow. Below are some data you will need:

  • The number of people expected to attend.
  • The number of attendees coming from other cities or staying at (partner) hotels.
  • Event itinerary.
  • Ingress and egress schedules.
  • Area research (data of other events that are happening at once)
  • Date and Time of event

In general, you may need to run transportation services throughout the duration of the event. However, if it is a large event you may experience heavier traffic times, in which case, requires more transportation. With proper transportation planning provided by event transportation consultants, these situations can be addressed efficiently.

Get A Trusted Transportation Service Provider

When you select the right vendor, it is important to look around and do your research. Gather a few recommendations and reviews. Before you commit, ensure to get the best deal. Bear in mind that cheaper isn’t always better. And as with any other service providers, quality in service is the best measure. Think of possible loopholes for your event transportation and logistics and use this to ask how these problems can be addressed. This way, you have the advantage to gauge their capability in delivering solutions. 

Planning Transportation routes

After selecting the service provider of your choice, it’s now time to collaborate and plan the best transportation route. This can be challenging, but a carefully planned and properly executed transportation route can definitely contribute to your event’s success. 

Most events have partner hotels and its best to create a route that’s easily accessible to your partners ( hotels). This makes for a more efficient logistics for your event. Apart from that, you also need to be aware of the following:

  • The number of partner hotels.
  • The volume of staff/crew/attendees staying at each hotel.
  • The areas around the venue that’s at risk of traffic congestion.
  • Loading and unloading schedule.

After your transportation route, and passenger route is complete, you can now determine the number of transportation needed. 

Implementation and Troubleshooting

Contingency plans, as well as troubleshooting, is crucial to the success of event transportation. The right implementation will ensure smooth and efficient event operations and logistics. 

The organization is also important in event transport management. Drivers should be well informed. This is important since they will be able to help attendees to know their way around your event area and can answer questions with regards to transport schedules. Transportation services or shuttles should be labeled properly and marked with a route indicator to avoid confusion. 

The industry of event planning and management is steadily rising. As the number of events grows parallel to the size of the venue, more and more planners are tapping their network for trusted event transportation consultants to aid them in a successful undertaking of an event and execution of event transportation logistics.

John Bryson · November 7, 2019

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