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For anyone working in the events industry, it is a well-known fact that transportation is crucial for any event’s success. Whether it is large-scale country tours, sporting events, small business conferences, or even as simple as an intimate gathering, efficient transportation ensures smooth execution. Therefore, managers should never overlook event transportation.

Event transportation consultants come in to provide the needed expertise and technology to help companies and businesses deliver a successful, compelling, and memorable event to their guests. Let us take a closer look at how effective event transportation can make a difference in carrying out a winning event.

Complete Transportation Management And Delivery 

Event transportation providers provide more than just vehicles and drivers: they deliver complete and comprehensive transportation management. Transport consultants develop custom solutions for companies to optimize their revenue while minimizing their transport expenses, ultimately resulting in higher profitability and cost-effectiveness. 

These functions can include guests’ ingress and egress, arranging drop off locations, organizing multi-modal transportation when needed, and seeing through the necessary logistics for the event.

Services Beyond Expectation 

Suppose there is one aspect that event consultants bring to the table. In that case, it is providing exceptional service that exceeds client expectations. Well equipped Event transportation providers address different challenges that could arise on the day of the event. 

Contingency plans are there as a response to any issue that could occur. As forward-thinking managers, event transport consultants look ahead to anticipate any situations that could develop and create solutions to either mitigate or resolve them with efficiency.

Ensuring Safety And Efficiency 

Especially with the current situation, events need to adhere to local rules and comply with the authority’s every health regulation. Every staff member involved with the event’s transportation is well trained and informed about operating procedures when dealing with social distancing and sanitation. 

Transportation efficiency is critical to executing a smooth event, and consultants come in to ensure that every transportation aspect is in place, organized, and on the right track.

Technology-Driven Solutions With MOTUS | ONE 

Finally, without technology-driven planning, smooth event transportation would not be possible. All successful events start with smart planning. Technology plays an essential role in gathering the needful information and data necessary to create a successful plan.

At MOTUS | ONE, we utilize proprietary technology that enables our experts to manage back-office reservations and dispatch operations for all events, conventions, and sports tournaments. With technology, MOTUS | ONE can maximize their expertise by providing solutions in overseeing the transportation of all staff, guests, C-level executives, and VIPs attending the event. 

Our driver app provides real-time fleet tracking, including ingress and egress, metering and communication too with passengers and dispatchers. In addition, site footprints can be put in place to be on top of your guests’ movements throughout the event. 

Regardless of the size and complexity of an event’s fleet, the technology used by MOTUS | ONE is comprehensive and measurable by KPIs or key performance indicators.

Learn more about the technology used at MOTUS | ONE by talking to our experts today.

John Bryson · September 9, 2020

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