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The events planning andevent transportationmanagement industry has taken a massive hit due to the novel coronavirus. A pandemic of this magnitude means that most of the activities globally were halted as nations went into lockdown. Many industries suffered losses, and in the time of summer, when events are supposed to go at their peak, the events industry suffered the most. 

Although the industry will recover in the long run, it is important how they will do it in the short term. The losses they suffered were immense, so it is an immediate need to get back on their feet as soon as possible. With the help of technology, it will be possible to recover as quickly as expected, and we can predict that the industry will soon be at ease and more sustainable, especially for event mobility. 

Navigating Through The Future Post Pandemic

We can expect that the industry’s turnover post-pandemic will be quite different and one that we have never seen before. Now, events transportation has to navigate through many constraints on mobility and figure out how they can provide for events while complying with rules set in course by governing parties- such as social distancing.

Through transport consultants and technology integration, event mobility can once again transform into a better version of what it was post-pandemic. The technology will be used to enhance the guest experiences through real-time tracking of event transports and the number of attendees in the events to make sure everything goes smoothly. 

Innovative Technology

Through technological innovation, event mobility has been made so much easier, considering the current global circumstances. Now you can track everything electronically in the different transportation stages and make sure that everything goes smoothly. You can keep your routes in check for your clients’ seamless experience and make sure everything goes without any hiccups.

Technological integration will help you fully track your staff, guests, and all sorts of bookings at any time. You can now control booking platforms to cover full profiles of people attending the event at that specific time. Now you can expect to have a safe and efficient experience since technology will eliminate most of the errors that would typically exist with manual work. 

Concert Events And Social Distancing

The event transportation companies thrive the most during concert seasons. Unfortunately, the pandemic gripped the market before any of that could start, but the concert industry is finally starting back up. Now, in the face of a post-pandemic world, event transportation will have to tackle the many social distancing restrictions while safely providing the correct equipment for the venues. 

Now, the venues demand separate but comfortable seating spaces for their audience, so event transportation will have to adapt and provide accordingly. Moreover, you can now track your audience and their whereabouts through customizable footprint technology to know whether they comply with the social distancing rules. 

Without a doubt, this is a big hurdle that the industry will have to overcome soon enough, but technology is the unbridled hope that the industry has, and they can use it to get back on their feet. 

At MOTUS | ONE, we can provide event transportation with the best of our abilities and technology integration to make it easier and accurate. 

John Bryson · August 17, 2020

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