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If you’re an event manager, hiring a transport consultant to take care of your logistics and event transportation needs is crucial when planning. After all, it could make or break your event. Nevertheless, hiring a transport consultant is an investment. You won’t have to go through the task of arranging your event transportation, managing a fleet, and making sure the logistics are done right. 

Decision making is part and parcel of a manager’s job. It is vital to have sound knowledge of your exact needs and the issues that need addressing since these affect the decisions you make. There will be several event transport management companies you’ll meet claiming to be the best. It is up to you as a manager to separate the wheat from the chaff, to ultimately identify the cream of the crop. The following questions can help you assess and work with the best transport consultants in the business. 

Can You Share Your Case Studies?

Case studies are excellent resources to get to know how a transport company works and how they address the challenges. You’ll be able to identify the strategies they use and how it can benefit the event you are planning. Additionally, it turns claims and opinions to tangible data and facts. It can serve as a measure of a transport company’s workmanship and client satisfaction. And it’s easily accessible for interested managers to see. In a case study, you’ll have access to information that can provide an in-depth understanding of the company and the quality of service they offer. Case studies also serve as a track record for the company and its proven capabilities in providing transport solutions.

Do You Provide Regular Training?

There’s nothing better than working with a company that values its employees. It shows you the care they can extend to their clients. Apart from these, a company that invests in training only shows that it can be flexible and can adapt to the modernity of the current age. This also means that they can provide the benefit of the knowledge they have to your existing staff. A trained staff is updated on the latest trends and technologies. This brings them (employees) to a higher level of understanding and ensures that you are working with capable and highly skilled people. Events demand hard work. Especially with logistics and transportation, you should be able to feel confident that everything is running smoothly and the way it should be. 

Does Your Company Utilize Technology in Operations?

Finally, this answers the question of how adaptable and flexible the transport management company you’re interested in is. Always ask about the technology they use in making their work efficient. For instance, automated dispatch is a technology that is used by transport consultants to harness technology that will make their work cost-efficient and accurate. You won’t have to sweat it or worry if the transportation comes on time or if the right equipment is delivered on-site.

These three questions can help you evaluate and choose the best transport consultant to work with. As an event manager, you should be equipped with adequate knowledge and ask the right questions. This will ultimately influence the success of your future events. 

John Bryson · January 9, 2020

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