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Over the years, a lot has been done to combat the amount of carbon footprint events usually leave behind, and to make them more sustainable. If you’re not aware, large events such as concerts, sporting events, and promotions usually leave a significant amount of carbon footprint. Carbon footprint is the amount of greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere as a byproduct of human activities

While events are an effective way to promote products, services and amplify awareness, the implications it can have on the environment should also be taken into account. As mentioned before, events and conferences, especially the larger ones, are inherent contributors to greenhouse gas emissions. Event transportation, in particular, can be a major source of carbon footprint.

Besides the vehicles that are used in these events, the influx of attendees also adds to the carbon footprint. Global warming and climate change are already major concerns in today’s world. And it’s only imperative for event managers to do their part in creating more sustainable and environment-friendly events. 

But how exactly do event transportation consultants and managers do their part in contributing to a sustainable event? We asked our transport consultants at Motus One to help us understand. 

What is sustainable event management?

At its core, sustainable event management is the practice of employing different strategies and methods to minimize the ecological impact events have on our environment. In other words, it is the implementation of alternative methods in an effort to make events environment-friendly and ultimately reduce their carbon footprint.

What are some examples of sustainable practices?

Waste management and going paperless are some of the methods currently implemented by organizations to make their events greener. Apart from these, organizations are also starting to minimize the food that is brought for larger events. Reducing the use of air conditioning and taking advantage of outdoor seating and natural ventilation by such companies also helps in keeping carbon levels low. 

Transport companies on sustainability

Studies show that transportation contributes to almost 90% of carbon emissions (on average) for an event. Event organizers have been working with transport consultants to develop greener solutions for event logistics and transportation. Transport consultants are now implementing smart route planning to reduce travel time to and from events, which significantly cuts the carbon footprint. 

Besides this, a perfectly-planned route can minimize the number of pickup points and condense it to a few strategically placed locations that contribute to lesser travel time. Automation and digitalization also help transport managers communicate efficiently, and minimize the use of paper since everything is electronic.

The future demands a more sustainable and environment-friendly execution of events. There are a myriad of ways event managers can do their part to help the environment. Partnering with the right event transport consultant is a smart decision and the first step towards sustainable events. 

Seeing as event transportation is one of the biggest contributors to an event’s carbon footprint, it’s only right to work with a transport consultant that takes sustainability into account when planning and making transport and logistic decisions for your event. 

John Bryson · January 19, 2020

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