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Over the course of 8 months, we have seen how a simple health crisis has blown into a colossal pandemic. From a humble food market in Wuhan, the virus has spread throughout the rest of the world. One cannot help but think about how transportation may have played a massive role in the transmission of the disease from one place to another. 

We have found ourselves grasping at straws in coming up of ways and devising strategies to mitigate the effects of the pandemic’s disruption. Simultaneously, transportation has a fundamental role as enablers of economies in the part of transporting essential goods and services to other nations that are in dire need of help. 

This perfectly describes how transportation is crucial in these times. Once we emerge from this crisis, and when events and social gatherings begin to take place in different parts of the world. The demand for a more resilient and future-proof event transportation system has never been more significant. 

However, for event transportation companies to gain a better perspective on creating a transportation system that’s built for these times, let’s take a closer look at the three facets of transportation- planning, transportation design, and operations.

Transport Planning 

One cannot merely make plans without having a goal in mind. Event transportation consultants work with companies to figure out their objectives to create a plan. For instance, at this time, creating a plan that will enable companies to work around social distancing is crucial. Planning then becomes essential in ensuring goals are met while meeting the authority’s health and safety precautions. 

Transportation Design 

Now we delve into specific transportation characteristics that can quickly adapt to any given situation. These involve the aspects or elements that concern your guests or costumers, vehicle types, intermodal passenger transfer points, pick-up & drop off areas, route planning, parking, and more. 

Designing a resilient event transportation system can also involve strategic vehicle sourcing, transportation capacity analysis, traffic management, and an intelligent transport system. The aim here is to develop an adaptive transport design based on the study of the current situation.

Transport Operations

Finally, transport technology integration is implemented on all operations concerned with executing event transportation. This involves holding strategic partnerships with top platforms developed by event professionals. This partnership enables event transportation consultants to manage both back-office and ground operations for many exhibitions, fairs, facilities, sports events, and conventions on either a local or global scale. 

Taking Advantage Of The Situation

Today, event transportation companies should take advantage of the situation to develop transport solutions and invest in technology innovations to create a resilient, sustainable, and future-proof event transportation system.

At MOTUS | ONE, we are providing a foundation within which our expert teams can safely operate. Especially given the situation of social distancing for health and safety reasons. We have a structured set of processes that include a cloud-based infrastructure, integrative communication channels, competent collaboration instruments, and automated reporting tools to stay ahead of the curve and become a fully-adaptive transport service provider- resilient and future-proof. 

John Bryson · August 3, 2020

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