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Managing a massive event can be complex and challenging. There are several things to organize including rehearsals, sound systems, marketing, and manpower. Wearing too many hats can be taxing! Not to mention arranging transportation. Event transportation planning involves complex matters such as logistics, shuttle services, route planning, and more. 

With several things to prioritize and take care of, it’s up to transport consultants to aid event managers to ensure a smooth undertaking of any event whether it’s a small local concert to a large-scale sports event. Needless to say, event transportation is integral to the success of an event.

Since the majority of large events are public, audiences are expected to utilize public modes of transport such as the metro lines, buses, and taxis. Transportation consultants aid in regulating the influx of spectators. In the case of private events such as weddings, or business conventions participated by elusive and VIP guests, transport companies assist in transfers and shuttle services.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. More than just providing transportation, event transport consultants help in organizing and implementing a well-planned event. Most of all, they are prepared for the worst that can happen.

Let’s take a look at the most common event transport problems and discuss how it can be prevented.

Unexpected Vehicle Breakdown

Vehicle breakdown can not only disrupt an event but can cause inconvenience to the passengers on it. While these may occur accidentally, risks can be mitigated. And since most vendors can fail to insure against a loss, it’s crucial to hire a fleet that would create no problems on the official event days. Transport consultants make sure that a solution is at hand even before a problem appears. Extra vehicles are prepared in any event of a breakdown.

Improper Valet/Driver Service

Your valets and drivers act as representatives for your event. It is only important for them to be hospitable and provide friendly service to your audiences or guests. Without the proper training, from an expert transport consultant, your guests’ experience may be in jeopardy. This problem can be addressed by customer-service training and seminars. Educating your event staff, with the proper customer service can make a difference in the overall experience of your event’s attendees.

Poorly-Planned Ingress & Egress

A poorly-planned event ingress and egress can place the crowd’s safety at risk. Without proper planning, going and coming out of your event will be unorganized- especially when the right schedule is not coordinated properly. Your vehicles may arrive late, creating confusion and stress to the event attendees. Event transport companies have existing software that automates your event’s ingress and egress using the latest technology. Your fleet will be able to communicate efficiently particularly at times when plan changes need to be addressed.

Inadequate Transportation

You don’t have to go through the stress of making sure you have enough transportation for your event when working with transport consultants. They make sure to have more than enough vehicles to be used for your event. A good event transport consultant thinks ahead and provides solutions to problems you would never think of alone. 

Final Words

Working with a trusted transport consultant will relieve you of the stress that comes in planning your event transportation. We all know how crucial it is to manage your event properly, and with the help of consultants, you’ll be rest assured that your event will go on smoothly. The success of your event depends on the people you work with. If you want to learn more and what event transport consultants can contribute to your event, you can always talk to us at MotusOne. 

John Bryson · December 19, 2019

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