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To sustain and maintain exceptional service and the highest standards of delivery, transport consultation companies should invest in their core competencies. This is especially true as we endeavor the on-going global pandemic. Transportation management companies should remain competitive and generate credible and trustworthy business value. 

Technology is a force multiplier for innovation, and it is something that should be integrated into a transport operations plan. Technology-driven transportation plans are future-proof and necessary to create an efficient transport plan. Whether it is planning for large-scale events such as concerts, and major sporting events, or small corporate gatherings, these five elements should be considered when creating a transportation operations plan. 


The very first thing to consider in creating an effective transportation operation plan is the location-everything else then follows. Location is a critical factor in making decisions. Event transportation consultation companies are aware of how the site influences the direction of the plan. Event transportation managers should have full situational awareness at all times. 

Thorough research needed for all preplanning and analysis of the event, site, and full requirements to help formulate your OPLAN. Once an event transport manager has the right knowledge about the location, ways on how to effectively work around it can be made- which are then incorporated into the transportation operations plan or OPLAN. 

Local Transport Regulations

Part of researching the location is studying its local transport regulations and analysis of all entry and exit points with a thought on-peak and off-peak traffic patterns. Your OPLAN should adhere to local traffic regulations to ensure compliance and smooth operations. Without taking this into account, run the risk of jeopardizing not just your event but the company’s reputation as well.- not to mention fines that could cost a lot of money. 

It is crucial to comply with local traffic regulations to prevent complications with current traffic patterns of local regulations. This will ensure the successful execution of a transportation operations plan. 

Business Requirements

Another thing to consider is the business’ requirements. Business goals and objectives should be established early on. What is the business aiming to achieve? With a clear objective in mind, event transportation managers can decide and implement the most effective strategies to achieve said goals. 

Business requirements should be considered as the deliverables that are necessary to achieve to make an event successful. 

Troubleshooting and Support

An effective transportation OPLAN should cover contingency plans. Any event can be prone to mishaps that sometimes are not in the control of an event organizer. To ensure that the event transportation is carried as smooth as possible, troubleshooting plans and laid out. These are then implemented in the execution of the event. For instance, in case of a vehicle breakdown or a communication problem between the fleet, troubleshooting and support can easily be deployed. 

Existing Management Systems/ Software

Finally, an important thing to consider in creating a transportation OPLAN is the business’s existing management systems or software. Fortunately, event transport companies have technology that’s adaptable and can easily be integrated into an existing system. This can be covered and included in a transportation OPLAN to streamline processes, especially on the day of the event. Technology plays a pivotal role in making this happen, so companies should really seek out event transportation providers that they can effectively work with. 

If you are interested in working with/ or in outsourcing your event’s transportation for an effective event undertaking, make sure to check our blog on the things to consider when hiring an event transportation management company. 

John Bryson · June 9, 2020

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