Strategic Fleet Optimization & Utilization

Staff Transport


MOTUS | ONE provides the technology and operational support to plan, implement, and successfully operate yourstaff transport fleet with scalability and efficiency.


MOTUS | ONE ties your transport and logistics plans into one centralized platform. Utilizing a combination of mobile handhelds, OBD II devices, and a web-based management dashboard, this system takes the hassle out of planning and implementation processes by automating schedules, assigning routes to drivers, tracking vehicles in operation

Staff Transport


Web-based technology integration includes:
Map View and Driver Navigation • Next Vehicle Arrival Times • Automated Passenger Count • Automatic Passenger Identification • Staffing / Personnel Management • Geo Fencing for Vehicles & Staff • Driver Analytics • Fuel Consumption Metrics • Fleet Management • Live Staff updates • Route Optimization

Staff Transport Legacy Elements


We provide you with real-time data highlighting the total number of passengers in any vehicle, as well as providing identification details of every passenger on board. We capture passenger details by scanning ID cards or badges as a passenger enters or exits a vehicle which allows management to know where your staff and vehicles are at all times

Staff Transport


With a system tracks and records the movement, direction, and status of vehicles and personnel in any area at any given time, your focus can remain on project delivery. Taken to another level, we have the ability to tie this into web-based management dashboard and mobile handhelds (HHS) to plan & assign shifts, check-in staff, process time sheets and provide real-time data for back-office via our dashboard

Staff Transport Legacy