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Our team created one of the region's most successful and most significant parking, traffic, and transport solutions for a theme park.

In 2015, MOTUS | ONE team members headed up the transport division at Dubai Parks and Resort and were fully integrated within the projects and operations activities.

Our remit was broad – from developing division - wide budgets and creating scope for tenders to formulating staffing rosters, FF&E requirements and creating the policies and procedures. We delivered a system that is still in place today.

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The initial phase included integrating with the project team to re - design existing car parks. We followed this with intensive reporting, and calculations against traffic - impact studies to show probable flow rates on peak and off - peak days.

The highlights of our deliverables include:

  • A master traffic management and car parking ops plan
  • Custom - built transport tender packages
  • Specification of the overall traffic and transport policy and procedures
  • Risk assessments, staffing levels and welfare policy
  • Customer - service and operational training manuals
To accommodate the unique demands of the venue and region, we designed a valet parking program within the VIP car park. Guests were validated through existing entry gates via integrated POS systems and a robust vehicle inspection process. We also trialled a number of digital technologies to enhance the guest experience while improving service levels.

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It was critical from early on to involve industry experts and local resources to participate in the review and planning cycle. This regional expertise enabled us to feel confident in our ability to face the challenges ahead. Over the next six months, we built the core transport team using this methodology and created what would become the A - team.


The forecast of car - park volume varied significantly throughout the year, and the disparity in estimated and actual attendance levels complicated the process. The forecasting system then in place led to significant forecast errors, either overestimating or underestimating the number of vehicles on site.


We needed to revisit the master plan on existing car parks and entry points, then implement best practices within the theme park industry. In doing this, we completely redeveloped the car parks into speed - parking configurations while improving the entry and exit points to accommodate the flow matrix. Our design has since been used by Expo 2020 as an example of best practice.

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