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Time and again, transportation has proven to be a vital component of progress across the globe. In fact, if we go back to earlier times, transportation has made it possible to access different kinds of goods and resources from one place to another. It has made traveling possible, which has led to the discovery of many lands, paved the way for trade, communication and ultimately built the foundation for many civilizations.

And yet, after all these years, the transportation industry still continues to evolve. Perhaps mankind’s conquest for improvement and comfort is the driving force behind the innovations and technologies that improve transportation. As we seek and develop more technologies to make transportation as easy, convenient and accessible as possible, the demand for transportation services grows tremendously as well. 

Almost every industry depends on transportation, especially in the case of events management. The demand for traffic consultation has opened the market for transport consultants who specialize in delivering solutions such as smart parking, fleet management, shuttle services, automated dispatch and so much more. As we usher in 2020, let’s go over the trends that will change the landscape of the transportation industry.

Analytics & Data-based Solutions

What is so great about today’s technology is that we can now measure performance with data and analyze it to develop solutions that are more accurate and precise. There is no universal solution to a problem. Hence, metrics are important to tailor and target a specific problem. Trial and error is no longer a trend in today’s day and age. Solutions are now data-based and scientific. 

Data analysis also opens the opportunity for event managers to approach transport consultants at the early stages of organizing events. Early consulting provides valuable insight on venue access points, ingress and egress modeling, route and volume flow. As well, as early identification of resource allocations for mix model transportation and ground operations teams that play a major role in cost analysis and budgetary planning for any event. 

Environmental Challenges On Transportation Infrastructure

Disruptions in transport infrastructures are often brought about by natural calamities such as earthquakes, forest fires, and hurricanes. This implies the need for faster, more efficient solutions to fix, restructure, or reconstruct damaged roads, railways, and highways. On the other hand, construction companies and manufacturers will be driven to develop stronger and more resistant materials for transportation infrastructure.


With the advent of 5G technology, the transfer of information and communication has been faster than ever. There is no question about the implications it has on transport technology. Event transportation consultants leverage this technology in making communication efficient, especially when it comes to managing a fleet where communication is crucial. Along with this is the improved accuracy and versatility of next-generation GPS services. 

Technology and Safety-Driven Changes

Basic functions are a thing of the past as the transportation industry welcomes technology with open arms. Drones, autopilot planes, bullet trains are just scratching the surface on what technology can offer to the industry. With technology, we can perform so much more when it comes to improving transportation. This also opens the opportunity to improve safety as well as comfort and functionality. At the end of the day, technology makes our lives easier, which is the fundamental goal of transportation. 

The future is bright for the transportation industry. It is only important to harness technology in improving transportation services. As mentioned earlier, transportation has paved the way for civilizations to prosper and develop. Similarly, these trends that will change the outlook of the industry will ultimately improve our way of living in the years to come. Whether its events, logistics, or anything in between, it is guaranteed that transport consultants are here to stay.

John Bryson · January 14, 2020

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