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For all events no matter what the scale and size are, guaranteeing that the transportation and logistics are cost and time-efficient is more than just an objective. Most of the time, it is a necessity. This would mean creating a faster journey with shorter travel distances. In turn, it accounts for better productivity and efficiency of service that contributes to the overall performance and success of the event.

Event managers often wear many hats- juggling through different duties and managing several tasks such as event transportation. Hiring an event transport consultant can help event managers in handling such herculean tasks- especially when it comes to route planning. 

In this blog, we asked our experts at Motus One for some tips to efficiently plan route planning for any kind of event. 


There's nothing more important than doing extensive research for your route plans. Gathering data within the area of your event location is crucial. With the data at hand, it is easier to plan your routes, take shortcuts if necessary, and determine the optimal travel time to stay out of rush hours particularly if your event takes place in a busy city like Dubai.

With research, you will be able to not only create one plan but multiple ones that are specific to a particular traffic condition/time. It can also enable you to organize your routes, dispatch schedules, and utilize the right mode of transportation as needed or required for the area.

Set Your Travel Expectations

Planning implies expectations that should be met. Without clearly setting your goal, planning routes will be deemed useless. With a clear goal in mind, you will be able to customize your plan accordingly. For instance, if you plan to shorten the transport and logistics times, route shortcuts and faster detours to avoid heavy traffic and congested roads. 

Similarly, it is also good to have a reliable event transport consultant to help managers create guided and educated decisions in the route planning process. After all, seeking to commission a consultant is an investment for any event. Keep your expectations realistic and prepare to adapt and be flexible to any changes. 

Measure and Improve

Once you have implemented your route plans, event transport consultants suggest measuring and evaluating it. This is done through feedback and analyzing the time it took when using the routes. Determining what went wrong and what went right will ensure that improvements will be enacted once the process of route planning is carried out again. 

Check suggested route plans and evaluate their efficacy. By doing so, you’d be able to eliminate or avoid the factors that can impede your event transportation in the future. Using the same route plans over and over and expecting different outcomes do not make sense. So it’s only important to consider different route plans and select the one that’s more effective than your current. 


Researching, setting expectations, and measuring to improve the service are just a few tips for smart route planning. Additionally, event transport consultants often have state-of-the-art software that further assists in planning routes for any event at hand. If you want to learn more about events, transportation, and logistic services for your event, you can visit us at MOTUS | ONE!

John Bryson · December 16, 2019

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