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Today, daily commutes to work can be challenging. With social distancing and other safety regulations in place, coming to work may take up longer than usual since public modes of transport have limited capacities. For employees living far from work, the commute can be stressful and daunting, especially during the summer months. Your staff may arrive to work exhausted and therefore experience a decrease in productivity and performance. 

If there’s one thing that companies should understand, staff transportation is necessary and not a luxury. Ultimately it will have a positive impact on business productivity, employee morale, and company performance. When your staff is satisfied, it reflects on their work. 

Let’s talk more about the importance of providing staff transport by enumerating its benefits to your business. 

Employee Punctuality 

Probably the most practical reason for companies to invest in staff transport is its benefits in time management. Employees arrive late at work for a multitude of reasons, one being traffic. With a dedicated shuttle service for your staff, you’ll be assured that they will work on time. Needless to say, providing staff transportation not only delivers better time management, but it also gives your employees a sense of teamwork and enthusiasm. 


Offering staff transportation to your employees is one way of controlling your business expenses. While employees can find ways to reduce their transportation costs, the number of reimbursements from taxi fares or other travel expenses used for official business can affect the business’ bottom line. With staff transportation, business owners can have better control over travel expenses that involve work. 

Company Reputation 

When companies provide staff transportation, it can be a way to improve company reputation and attract top talent. When candidates apply for work or consider a job offer, they usually take into account their transportation, including their commute time, and the distance between their home and work. At times, work location can be a reason why candidates turn down offers. By offering staff transportation as part of their salary package, chances are, you’ll get great talent on board while building a good company reputation. 

Optimized Travel By Professional Drivers

Staff transportation is not just limited to shuttle bus services. Companies that provide transportation consulting services also offer corporate travel arrangements for company executives. Corporate travel involves careful planning and optimization. By outsourcing your executive travel, you’ll have access to professional drivers having a wealth of experience and training. This enables you to provide optimized travel for your executives or business partners.

Outsource Your Staff Transportation

It is easy for any company to provide shuttle service and hire a driver to give the employees transportation, however, optimizing the travel and ensuring the quality of service can only be achieved when working with a professional transport provider. 

Outsourcing your company transportation needs will enable you to experience exclusive planning and significant operation cycles to increase your staff transportation efficiency while reducing costs. 

You’ll have the opportunity to tap into technology and customer-centric transportation management solutions for improved operations and employee, executive, and business guest travel experience. 

John Bryson · August 10, 2020

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