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The majority of the companies today provide their employees with staff transportation. It has come with several benefits, including improved employee productivity and better work-life balance. Thus, it is crucial to ensure that the dedicated shuttle services are organized and appropriately implemented.

Employees are the drivers and enablers of any company, regardless of its type, industry, and size. Having said that, it’s only right for the employer to provide an incentive that can remove the stress of a daily commute so employees can be productive once they arrive at work. 

Before we delve into a few of the several reasons that make staff transportation necessary, let us first go over the current commute scenario that most employees experience daily.

Standard Modes Of Transportation For Commuters

People use a variety of modes of transportation to arrive at work around the world, such as intercity buses, vans, trains, ride-sharing services, and personal vehicles. According to a study, congestion caused by traffic takes up so much of the commute time for workers to be exhausted by the time they arrive to work. This, in turn, affects their performance.

Carpooling services have become popular in the early 2000s, so ride-sharing has been around for a long time. With the introduction of technology, mobile apps dedicated to ride-sharing have been made available for commuters as an alternative to public transportation. However, ride-sharing services can become expensive in the long run. 

The Problem With Commuting 

Although regarded as practical for several employees, commuting, especially for those who live far from work, can bring stress and fatigue. Additionally, the prolonged commute can increase exposure to pollution that can have adverse effects on a person’s health and well being. A survey showed that nearly 25% of employees leave their jobs because of a bad commute experience. For these reasons, shuttle services dedicated to staff transportation can help in the long haul.

The Long Term Benefits Of Providing Staff Transportation

When companies grant staff transportation to their employees, they experience several long term benefits. These, in turn, merits the company in the following ways: 

  • Attracting top talent.
  • Building company reputation.
  • Demonstrating employee welfare in supporting life-work balance. 
  • Increasing employee productivity and quality output.

Employees who receive staff transportation deliver better work quality and are less likely to look for other job opportunities, thus strengthening employee morale and retention. Better time management and flexible schedules can be made possible when the company provides staff transportation. This means even better productivity can be achieved. 

Work With A Reputed Company For Your Corporate Transportation 

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John Bryson · September 30, 2020

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