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The global COVID-19 pandemic is a testament to how vital transportation is as an enabler of societies. Without transportation, endeavoring today’s health crisis becomes increasingly challenging. Although transportation management companies may face a setback given that most events are on a plateau, COVID-19 has become an opportunity for the industry to rethink, reconsider, and reflect on the existing transport infrastructures. The development of policies and technologies that will help develop a more resilient and agile business transportation model for the future is the logical outcome 

The New Normal 

We have gone through so much this year already. And the months that have followed since the initial outbreaks in multiple cities worldwide are enough reasons to say that we have indeed reached a new normal. Many nations today are gradually easing the restrictions, and while there still seems to be a long way before everything is stable, one thing’s for sure; we can never go back to what we once were before the novel coronavirus situation.

Transportation management is no different. It is apparent for the transportation consultancy industry to develop ways of working more efficiently and productively. 

Our new normal demands safer, more sustainable transport services. This implies a better creation of supportive transportation planning and technologies. When we start to shift our perspective and look past the unprecedented and adverse effects of the pandemic, transport planning companies will be able to recognize this time as a window of opportunity to stand back, pay attention, and observe. By doing this, they can then use the knowledge to determine ways on how to make use of better technologies.

Seizing The Moment 

We no longer have to anticipate what the future will become nor imagine the outcome. It has now been laid out explicitly right in front of us. It is an excellent time to seize this moment and provide a better foundation of security within which transport teams can effectively operate. 

To belong to the next generation of transportation management companies, establishing a structured set of processes, utilizing cloud-based technologies, preparing efficient communication channels and collaboration tools are crucial. Additionally, innovative and automated reporting tools are equally as important. 

Seizing this time as an opportunity to invest in developing automated reporting software will enable transportation managers to pull out an analysis efficiently from transportation metrics. This can help identify weaknesses to improve transportation management systems once we emerge from this pandemic. 

Developing Future-Proof Systems

The development of future proof transportation management systems ensures the longevity of transportation management. Future proof systems mean that it can anticipate users’ future needs and quickly adapt to the changes in innovation and technology.

We are at the moment where creating technology-driven solutions is at the core of solidifying a foothold in the post-pandemic market. Future-proofing existing systems will also enable transport management companies to demonstrate their value proposition.

Responding to this global pandemic by investing in innovative technologies is crucial. This is especially critical for event transportation managers. Practical sets of data should be thought over and translated into new and effective algorithms. 

This enables processes to be automated and at the same time, autonomous. Ultimately, creating future-proof systems through innovation will place transport management companies ahead of the curve once the health crisis dies down.


There are three defining things about this period of uncertainty – resilience, technology, and innovation. The global pandemic should be seen as an opportunity for the transportation industry to look deeper within its existing infrastructure and re-evaluate and strengthen technologies that are key to drive success once we re-emerge from this pandemic. 

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John Bryson · June 16, 2020

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