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Event planning is never an easy task. There are several things to keep in mind. Often, event managers become overwhelmed by spreading themselves too thinly on several tasks, compromising the quality of their work- often resulting in the failure of the event. 

Transportation is an essential component in organizing a successful event, and several companies have outsourced their event transportation to industry experts so they can focus on other tasks and ensure the success of their event. Having well-planned event transportation is also a great way to showcase a company’s efficiency and credibility within its industry. 

Managing event transportation involves vital steps that, when executed successfully, can guarantee a smooth event undertaking. Let’s go through a few of them. 

Understand The Event’s Purpose And Goals

To enable event transport managers to deliver the best possible service, they need to understand what an event is trying to accomplish. This influences the decision-making process of transport consultants, keeping the goal in mind when making decisions for the event’s transportation and logistics.

Clearly defined event goals and objectives enable event transport managers to determine which metrics, benchmarks, and performance indicators are important and what aspects to prioritize, such as guest transportation, shuttle services, etc. 

An Assessment Of The Venue /Location

After understanding the event’s goals and purpose, event transportation managers assess the event’s location to decide the best course of action- all driven by what event managers want to accomplish. As a vital component of event transportation planning, this involves assessing the location’s accessibility and its proximity to prime locations such as airports and public transportation terminals.

Event transport managers can also prepare a traffic analysis and study the best routes that lead to the event location. If a need for a pickup and drop off location, event transport managers can successfully scout the right place for this. 

Route Optimization

After a thorough assessment of the location, event transport consultants find the best routes to your event destination.  By simply selecting the best and most efficient routes, event managers can reduce driving times that lead to a reduction in fuel consumption.  It also increases customer satisfaction by being timely on the right on schedule. Therefore, it lessens mileage, decreasing the wear and tear of vehicles, and finally, it maximizes the use of vehicles and drivers and the event’s resources overall. 

Prepare An Emergency Or Troubleshooting Implementation Plan

Event transport management entails the need to prepare for any contingencies that the event may encounter upon its undertaking.  The team should be able to handle any unforeseen circumstances that can cause inconvenience during an event. These may include unexpected traffic and vehicle breakdowns. Transportation consultants identify anything that could go wrong with an event’s transportation- after which, the key staff is identified and assigned with specific responsibilities to execute the contingency plan. 


Needless to say, your event’s transportation can either make or break your success. As an integral part of an event, transportation should be managed properly and efficiently.  Working with industry professionals such as event transport consultants will provide a competitive advantage. Ensure a successful event undertaking with us at MOTUS | ONE. 

John Bryson · July 9, 2020

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