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Companies have an obligation to secure their employees’ safety irrespective of where they send their personnel. Executive protection and protocol convoy is personnel-based support that ensures business travelers and executives’ safety and welfare. Companies especially seek executive protection when transporting business executives, foreign delegates, politicians, sports and entertainment personalities, and other high profile individuals. Several transport companies also offer tailored services, including the deployment of security officers and medics.

What Is Executive Protection & Protocol Convoy?

This service provides high-profile business executives and VIP individuals that needed protection, especially with their transport from one location to another. As these individuals can be susceptible targets of threatening activities, securing their safety becomes a huge priority- trained transport companies that offer executive protection minimizes such risks. 

Business travel, important shareholder assemblies, special events, and airport transfers are common situations in which VIP individuals seek personal transport protection. Protocol convoys are available to add an extra mantle of security during transport. These are vehicles that travel together with the intent of mutual support and security. 

Key Benefits 

Seamless VIP Transfers

VIP transportation that includes airport and hotel transfers is common for VIP executives during their business travels. Transport companies that offer executive protection provide seamless and secure airport and hotel transfers. Also, discretion is valued, so privacy and the highest confidentiality are also considered when working for VIP clients. Convoy drivers are professionally trained, and if needed, medics can be present during these transfers.

Adaptive Solutions

Depending on your requirements, transport companies can offer a tailored service. Accommodations can be arranged as needed. These will not only make the passenger feel comfortable but safe and secure at the same time. VIP chauffeurs follow strict protocols that ensure that the important needs of the client are met. Chase vehicles are also included in the convoy in case of any incidents that can take place. 

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Reliable Technology 

Transport companies are powered with the latest transport technologies, including smart tracking, traffic monitoring software, and automated fleet dispatch. These technologies maximize travel time and enhance passenger safety. Additionally, these innovations are convenient, require little manual effort, and are fully automatic.

Onsite & Local Due Diligence

All personnel involved in implementing executive protection and convoy protocol are thoroughly vetted and briefed with applicable local traffic laws and regulations. This guarantees compliance and integrity. Transport consultants work with trusted partners that have extensive experience within the industry.

Protect The Most Important Assets Of Your Companies 

Executive protection and convoy protocol safeguard the most important people in your company, but it also ensures the protection of their personal and work devices.

These can carry sensitive data and information that should be encrypted and protected. Luggage and other personal belongings are well taken care of and secured.

Most executives and high-esteemed individuals are always on the road for business engagements. By having a leading transport service provide the mobility needed for executive travel, risks are minimized.

Enforcing protocols with transport service providers’ help will enable companies to provide the needed security to make executive transport safe, secure, and seamless.

At MOTUS | One, we recognize that even the safest locations are not risk-free, and incidents that could place passengers at peril can occur either directly or indirectly every day. Having this in mind, our experts at MOTUS | ONE employs the best possible solutions to executive protection to gain foresight and plan accordingly for any risks.

John Bryson · July 16, 2020

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