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Corporate transportation goes beyond providing an incentive for your employees. It has several benefits that could help your business in the long run. For some, providing corporate transport is essential, especially in boosting workforce morale and developing corporate culture and reputation. By having an arranged transportation with a dedicated fleet, pre-agreed rates, and digital, it enables employees to manage their time efficiently. It also demonstrates that the company supports a work-life balance for its employees.

Apart from these, when we look at the benefits of corporate transport in the entirety of the business, having an efficiently managed company transportation will enable the organization to improve its existing business functions and help in streamlining its operations. When businesses outsource their transport function by way of corporate transportation services, companies significantly improve their service levels. Here are 5 ways in which your business can benefit from outsourcing its corporate transportation. 

Better Productivity

Managing a business entails being on top of and overseeing different functions that include corporate transport. And like any other business function, there are several areas of work when we talk about your company’s transportation, regardless of your business nature. These can include staff transportation, arranging business trips, carrier relationships, vendors, suppliers, and client management. By leaving this business function to professionals, business owners can make use of their time to be productive in areas of their businesses that require more focus and attention. 

Data-Driven Solutions

Although often overlooked, company transportation can supply data that can potentially help organizations understand their businesses better-especially in improving their operations and spending. For instance, energy costs, including petroleum, can be managed more efficiently when given to the hands of experts such as corporate transportation providers. By outsourcing your company transportation, you’ll have access to data that you can use to create smarter decisions for your business. Similarly, you can monitor staff usage and allocation of the fleet to understand your companies logistical requirements better.

Better Company Representation 

Have professionally-trained drivers and transport providers bolster your company’s reputation and credibility, especially on public appearances, gala, event participation, and other public and private engagements. Corporate transport companies can provide high-end and luxury vehicles at your disposal with pre-vetted and permanently assigned drivers. You don’t have to go through the trouble of arranging and securing such vehicles for special occasions such as picking up an important client at the airport and rates are pre-determined to ensure there are no hidden costs.

Stay Ahead Of Your Competitors

Outsourcing your corporate transportation lets you be ahead of your competitors- in technology and innovation. Access to the latest transport technology can cost millions of dollars, not to mention the investment in training hours.  Technology is continuously evolving, and it is challenging to keep up with so many responsibilities to focus on other than corporate transportation.

Better And More Efficient Service

Having professionals take care of this side of the business lets you invest your time in other things, such as improving your customer service or streamlining your operations. Efficient corporate transport providers have the necessary industry expertise that lets them effectively plan operational cycles that enable them to mitigate your business’s risk threshold and simultaneously improve efficiency, save costs, and increase customer satisfaction.

Imagine what you can do by having an efficient corporate transportation system in place. Talk to our experts at MOTUS | ONE today to learn more about how it can improve your business’ efficiency and bottom line.

John Bryson · May 21, 2020

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