5 Event Fleet Management Challenges And How to Address Them

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Vehicle management is something that event organizers and managers often overlook. Realizing the task of managing a fleet, especially for large-scale events, can be overwhelming for event managers. This is where fleet managers come in to make this task manageable. The ability to become productive in the least amount of time is important for fleet managers, and efficiency is a prerequisite for effective management. Streamlining transport processes is what fleet managers are good at. In addition, they provide digital solutions that are cost-effective and sustainable. Let’s take a look at the roadblocks event organizers usually stumble upon without reliable fleet management.

Running Behind Schedule

One of the most important things that fleet managers need to be particular about is their schedule. Time is essential in operating and managing a fleet, especially for large scale events. Fleet managers should be able to see to it that their fleet is running on schedule. A single mishap could cost valuable time, resources, and revenue. Effective fleet management entails strict, accurate, and precise scheduling. Fleet managers utilize automated dispatch software to keep track, monitor, and supervise a fleet. This way managers can ensure that the fleet is not running behind schedule. 

The Cost Of Fuel Consumption

Any slight fluctuations in diesel costs can have a huge impact on an event’s financial outcome. This is why fleet managers always stay on top of monitoring the market. Effective utilization of fuel also means adaptability and being prepared to anticipate changes. There are several ways to reduce the consumption of fuel and cut down on fuel costs. For instance, reducing idle time by smart planning and optimizing routes not only saves time but is cost-efficient as well. It also helps with fleet optimization and utilization.

The Drivers’ Attitude 

The driver’s behavior can affect the performance of your fleet and your customer experience. Event managers find it difficult to monitor bad driving behavior. Meanwhile, a good driver attitude will mean that your guests are safe, secure, and comfortable. Fleet managers come in to ensure the fleet’s performance by monitoring the driver’s behavior. Modern fleet management solutions utilize technology to track guest experience and driver behavior, which can be helpful in addressing problems. Apart from this, customer service training is also conducted regularly.

Fleet Maintenance Costs

All fleet managers are aware of the fact that vehicle maintenance is essential for fleet management. The biggest mistake that event managers make is ignoring regular maintenance, thinking it is costly. However, it should be realized that regular vehicle maintenance for the fleet drastically decreases the likelihood of any breakdowns; hence, it cuts down on maintenance expenses. It also provides leverage to a good start for the rest of the event’s duration.


Without clear communication, the fleet will not run efficiently. Miscommunication can lead to debilitating effects for the event’s operations. It can jeopardize your guest experience as well. Relaying your messages as accurately as possible is crucial in fleet management. Fleet managers operate with state-of-the-art technologies to improve and streamline the communication process. This ensures every single driver in your fleet is on the same page and is regularly updated. 


Time, fuel consumption, customer service, vehicle maintenance, and miscommunication are only some of the challenges that event managers face when organizing an event and managing a fleet. These can be taxing and can eat into valuable time that event managers can spend elsewhere. Fleet managers carry this burden by ensuring smooth, reliable, and effective event transportation planning. If you wish to learn more about how fleet management can make your event a success, reach out to us today.

John Bryson · February 2, 2020

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